domingo, 28 de setembro de 2014


So, lately I haven't post absolutely anything on my blog. I've been so overloaded with work (which you can keep up with on my facebook page).
This is a promise that I'll pay more attention to my blog! And meanwhile I want to thank to everyone who has been following me and commenting my stuff, that means a lot to me and I couldn't be more grateful!

Rock on people xx

sábado, 15 de março de 2014


    This look is pretty goddamn fucking simple.
    So I put together my black DIY ripped jeans, a Sons Of Anarchy sleveless shirt, a 8 eyelet white leather pair of Steel boots (obviously), all matching my main piece, a DIY Slayer denim jacket. It's not complete though, but that patch on my back's looking fucking sick!
    Rock on!

Meanwhile, check my photography page on facebook!

quarta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2014


    Yes, yes... I've been gone for quite a while! This was my OOTD.
    This is a brand new Harley Davidson Biker jacket. I saw it and I fell deep in love with it. It just goes exactly with my style. I wore it with some DIY black skinny ripped jeans, and one of my latest pairs of Steel boots from one of my latest catalogs (where you can check the photos HERE and the commercials HERE). Obviously with the same silverwear but with some new changes. I've decided to bleach my hair to pale white. You're probably wondering "why would someone who wears black all the time bleach her hair?" well, let me just ask you one question, can't you see the contrast between the black clothing and the pale hair? It's simply beautiful. It's still not finished though, you can tell there are some differences between the edges and the roots, but I'll finish this work by the end of February and make sure it gets to white.
    Rock on!