segunda-feira, 13 de junho de 2016


Hey everyone!

F*ck yes I know, I've been away for a bit too long again! Damn!
I got so many new on collabs and projects, BUT I bring you updates! Geo Lenses have kindly sent me two pairs to review!

Let's start with the top picture. Those are a Geolica Euro Lady Pearl Gray pair, a soft light grey colored pair that look hella realistic and natural! This is a pair I easily wear every day! I'm a naturally medium light eye colored gal, but these definitely make the color pop out a lot! I've had people telling me both "wow your eye color is stunning" and "those contacts totally give you a cat-eye look" (BAM, slay it gurl),so you can only notice the contacts if you look at them super closely.

Now to the bottom picture. Those are a Geo Angel Grey CM-835 pair, a dark grey pair that will definitely spice up your look! I am very fascinated with these, they make the eyes seem a bit darker but unusual at the same time - in a good way! The thick line around it gives you that dark doll look, which is PUR-FECT if you have a bold heavy style like I do! When you firstly look at them they seem as if you have (almost) black eyes, but once you give it a second glance you start to notice that hypnotic grey tone and you just won't be able to stop looking at them!
Also, let me tell you I'm releasing a make up tutorial of this look soon on the YouTube channel! 

One thing I need to say about both of them is that they're 100% comfortable as HELL. I don't feel them at all, and I've (wrongly) worn them over 8h. They don't dry up, and they definitely don't bother a thing! It's just f*cking amazing! Plus, they both come with a super cool case!

Let me just take the time to say they're having a SUMMER SALE!
Use the code GEOSUMMERPM from 13th-28th June! :) 

So, in a rating scale:

Geolica Euro Lady Pearl Gray
Shipping: 10/10 (fast af)
Color: 10/10

Geo Angel Grey CM-835
Shipping: 10/10 (fast af)
Color: 10/10

Comfortableness: 10/10

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post!
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