segunda-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2013


    Dear rockers, yesterday was such a wonderful day light, me and Carolina went out to do an outdoor photo shoot.
    This is the proof that cloudy days are as great as any other day! There was a little bit of wind, but that's one of the greatest factors there is. Together with the sun , these two natural factors provided a great atmosphere for this photo shoot, even if it had rained, there are no such things as limitations compromising your photos.
    Light is the most important factor, and it's what defines the ambience of your photos.
    Next time you catch yourself in a cloudy day, grab your camera, grab a beautiful model, and just go for it.

Make Up: Beatriz Mariano


    Yesterday was a wondeful day light for an outdoor photo shoot , it has been raining like fucking hell these days .
    Me and Carolina when out to the fields to take a few pictures , so she helped me with my photos !
    This was my outfit . It was a bit chilly , so I wore a white The Doors shirt , my german army jacket I got from the flea market , black skinny jeans and my Doc Martens boots. It wasn't entirely black (just like I feel most confortable with) but it was great for a simple walk outside .

segunda-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2013


    Dear rockers, I'm sorry I haven't been writting so much these past couple weeks, but the weather has not been on my side and neither has college. Sorry about that!
    Whatever. This was my outfit for today. It's a combination between the camouflage pattern in the jeans with the Motörhead t-shirt (which is one of my favourite bands!) and my new green hair!
    These jeans used to be skinny, but with time they began to look kind of baggy, which i like a lot actually. To had a small touch of mine I wore my old chains, and to complete, my moto biker leather jacket and a cotton bonnet. And as usual, the accessories were all the same old silver ones.

quinta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2013


    Dear rockers, today I went with the "the simple" look.
    Black leather jacket, black skinny jeans, black double sole suede creepers. Underneath I was wearing a Guns n' Roses "Appetite For Destruction" tshirt.
    The accessories were the same silver ones.
    I love the black color, so I guess the darker it gets the better it feels.