segunda-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2013


    Dear rockers, yesterday was such a wonderful day light, me and Carolina went out to do an outdoor photo shoot.
    This is the proof that cloudy days are as great as any other day! There was a little bit of wind, but that's one of the greatest factors there is. Together with the sun , these two natural factors provided a great atmosphere for this photo shoot, even if it had rained, there are no such things as limitations compromising your photos.
    Light is the most important factor, and it's what defines the ambience of your photos.
    Next time you catch yourself in a cloudy day, grab your camera, grab a beautiful model, and just go for it.

Make Up: Beatriz Mariano

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  1. Adorei o teu blog! És dona de um estilo único e espetacular, parabéns! Continua :]

  2. muito obrigado !
    keep on sharing the word !