sábado, 23 de março de 2013


Dear rockers,
I haven't made a post for quite a while now, so here it is.
This outfit is more about the vintage denim jacket and the Misfits beanie combo! Followed with my 10 eye black leather Steel boots, black skinny jeans, grey cotton shirt and my spiked necklace. If you're wondering why the f*ck aren't I wearing a black shirt... I just didn't had one that was washed.
Anywho, this is just another simple black+denim outfit. Good to go, any-fucking-where!

domingo, 17 de março de 2013


    Hey there rockers!
    For those of you who don't know, I've been investing in photography for about 5/6 years now. I'm now getting my photography degree, in order to make my future out of it.
    A few weeks ago this international brand contacted me and asked for some photos and a commercial video, and this is the result.
    This is a punk/gothic brand, and the product they gave me has the tipical distinguished details that represents them so well. It's a really heavy, kind of agressive look, so I decided to give that same characteristic to the models as well. The boots are really heavy looking, I think there's no other word to describe them better, so the models are dressed in black, with a black smoky eye shadow, and some black blush and black lipstick.
    This is my first "job" as a fashion photographer, and it was really exciting, for me and for the models. I've been collecting my portfolio for so long there's a lot I've learnt already, but what I seek in every thing I do is knowledge. I'm always ready to learn new things and this work gave me an opportunity to learn more about this type of art. It was something I've never done before, and it was a great experience! Can't wait to see what's coming next!

Robyn Runte Oliveira and Margarida Baeta for such an amazing job as models!
Toxic Room for borrowing their song!
Jozef Ilencik for giving me this opportunity!

All the photos I did here.
Toxic Room's page here.
Steel Boots&Shoes website here.


terça-feira, 5 de março de 2013


    Hey there rockers, this is latest photo shoot!
    As you all know, I'm in love with black and white, and today I decided to do pull the same rocker look. The only thing that's different is the props! I'm wearing five different rings, a lion, a skull, a chopper cross, and two simple silver rings, and also a DIY spiked necklace. I'm also wearing a black bandana and my vintage ripped vest. The make up is nothing but black eye shadow and black lipstick.
    The look itself is already agressive, so I decided to ajust the contrast tones the same way: really dark and at the same time bright, removing almost every grey scale.

Full album here.

segunda-feira, 4 de março de 2013



    Hey there rockers!
    This post is about my latest photo shoot. It's called Space Oddity, and it's (more than obviously) inspired by David Bowie's classic look with his eccentric lightining bolt. This character has probably the most impactual name in the story of Pop/Glam Rock from the 70's/80's. Besides being distinguished by his typical uncommon vocals, and by the intellectual depth of his work, history was already predicting a caotic thematic in the musical world led by his mind.
    This make up wasn't very hard to make, except it is not looking as perfect as Bowie's actual painting, but you can't blame me for trying.
    The strong colors and the magnetic contrasts are the typical tones represented by this magical time, which has kept everyone full of hopes and dreams about the future, and it still does, influencing our minds and the way we persue difference in everything that we do and think about.

sexta-feira, 1 de março de 2013


    Hey guys, this was my look for today.
    It's another simple black and denim outfit. Black skinny jeans, black Slayer shirt, denim Lee jacket, and, the main piece, my black leather 20 eye Steel boots!
    These boots are high and heavy. Just like a normal 20 eye pair, they go all the way up to the knee, and yet they're really fucking confortable! The steel caps makes them look big, and the high sole gives it an agressive look, but what's more characteristic of these brilliant pieces is the 4 buckles that go all the way around the boot. They're heavy look gives the entire outfit a brutish and even grotesque touch. Love them!