terça-feira, 5 de março de 2013


    Hey there rockers, this is latest photo shoot!
    As you all know, I'm in love with black and white, and today I decided to do pull the same rocker look. The only thing that's different is the props! I'm wearing five different rings, a lion, a skull, a chopper cross, and two simple silver rings, and also a DIY spiked necklace. I'm also wearing a black bandana and my vintage ripped vest. The make up is nothing but black eye shadow and black lipstick.
    The look itself is already agressive, so I decided to ajust the contrast tones the same way: really dark and at the same time bright, removing almost every grey scale.

Full album here.

6 comentários:

  1. Love the pics! My favourite is the first one (naughty finger lol) and I like the last one too (the nose picking hahaha). Love the fact you've done it in black and white and the contrast, very powerful!

    Shooting My Journey x

    1. thank you so much , you should check my facebook page xx


  2. your style fucking rocks. im in love.