sábado, 3 de dezembro de 2016


Hey everybody!

Yes yes yes, who knows how long has it been...! I've been busy af, so I decided to put the blog aside for a while.

BUT I'm bringing you a punk comeback that's gonna make your jaw drop!

So, a few weeks ago one of the brands I admire the most; PUNK RAVE contacted me to do a collaboration, and I'm here to tell you my review of the items they sent me! 🔥

They kindly sent me three pieces: a gothic trench jacket, a pair of leather spiked jeans, and the most BADASS accessory of all time, their spiked military-like mask (or so they call it)!

Something that I need to say right away is that the pictures on the website do not make justice for the clothing. Don't get the wrong, the pictures of their lookbook look amazing, but you can barely see the pieces, so there's always that little doubt if they actually look like what we're thinking. Truth is: they look WAY BETTER then what they do on the website!

Starting with the jacket - I though that it was way more simple than what it actually is! The jacket is partially full leather, and some other parts are shiny almost suede-like texture, and it's the perfect combination if you're looking for something goth but fit! For some reason, I can totally see myself wearing this at a formal event. The small zip at the from makes the most flattering cut to your enhance your curves, as it makes the waist look smaller. 
What I love the most about this jacket is the small details. It has outstanding shoulder pads with small spikes (serving badass royalty, hello??), the gorgeous big goth buttons are connected with little thin metal chains that add the most interesting detail rather than just being a small sew. And the zipper has a KILLER skull on flames! Is there anything more badass than this? I don't think so! 🔥

About the jeans - firstly, who doesn't like leather jeans? I've been wearing them for years and this is probably the most beautiful pair I've ever seen! They really do pay attention to the details. So as you may know, I'm not really a big fan of metallics, but these guys decided to add a copper shade in the center of the legs and it looks A-FUCKING-MAZING! I never thought something like this would look so good, plus you get to choose between copper and silver! And obviously, my favorite detail are the knee pads! Oh... Good... LORD! More spikes?! This is HEAVEN! Plus, when you open the small zip there's fishnet underneath! *Okay, I'm officially deceased! See all o'y'all bitches in Hell*. Something that also really completes everything is that zipper all long the leg. It has a pad on the inside, so you really just feel it around the ankle, but other than that they're very comfortable and absolutely flattering. 

And last but not least, the mask! - Oh the mask... It's the most perfect accessory ever! It has small buttons on the sides, so it makes it really easy to put on and off. The vertical line of spikes are what makes it look badass as hell, and it f*cking looks good when you put it on! It has a really intimidating look. I'm pretty sure no one's gonna mess with you if you wear outside - which I totally will! It's the perfect thing to use to protect you from the cold ass wind!

Overall, all the items are amazing! They are indeed as cool as they look online, and they look amazing while wearing! 
Totally worth the hype! Love them a lot!

You can find the link to the jacket here:
👉 http://bit.ly/2gfTLbs 👈

You can find the link to the jeans here:
👉 http://bit.ly/2f5fIKx 👈

You can find the link to the mask here:
👉 http://bit.ly/2gkgYXy 👈

Don't forget to also check the look on lookbook.nu!

PS.: Needless to say who owns the credit of the pictures. Right?

Rock on,
B xx