terça-feira, 25 de agosto de 2015


     Hi guys!

     So, here's what's new!
     Due to a crazy amount of requests, I finally made the make up tutorial so many of you have been asking for!
     First of all, let me just say I felt pretty awkward filming this. Also, it didn't turn out quite as I wanted to! Those who know me know I have a terrible sight, so the only way for me to do any kind of make up is to stand an inch away from the mirror (I'm not even kidding), so there's no chance I'd be filming staring at the camera. So the only way for me to make this was if I placed the camera in my diagonal, but STILL I had to move a bit away from the mirror. This obviously jeopardized a bit my final result, but it didn't turn out to look that bad.
     Feel free to watch it, as well as any other videos on the account!

Here's a list of all the items I used in the video:

KIKO Skin Evolution Concealer – 01 Natural Pink:

SEPHORA Mattifying Compact Foundation – 26 Peach:

KIKO High Pigmentation Eyeshadow – 127 Satin White:

KIKO High Pigmentation Eyeshadow – 180 Mate Coal Black:

H&M Dipliner:

RIMMEL LONDON Volume Flash x10 Mascara:

LIME CRIME Velvetine Liquid Matte Lipstick – Red Velvet:

H&M Brushes
For powder bronzer:
Light Eyeshadow:
Dark Eyeshadow:

     Thank you so much for watching and reading, send me your thoughts!

Rock on,
B xx

sábado, 22 de agosto de 2015


     Hi guys!
     Here's my latest look. This outfit is obviously all about Black Hope Curse. These are two of the pieces they kindly sent me, the Mystic Boxy crop tee, and the Devil Child leggins (you can obviously tell where the name of the look comes from)!
     First of all, what I really like about them is that the cotton the most soft and light thing! It's super comfortable! And secondly, the crop top is not super short, it's just the exact length I like! Both of the pieces look great with practically anything, and the designs are very grungy, specially the leggins! And another thing I like about them is that the prints have great quality and they're not super white, but they're a midtone grey! How awesome is that? They're really one of a kind clothing pieces, you won't find anything like them that easily!
     So overall, I fucking love them!! Hype them on my lookbook page! And also don't forget to check all other links on the side bar!

     Rock on,
     B xx

segunda-feira, 17 de agosto de 2015


     Hi guys! How have you been?

     Yep. I've been *again* away for way too long. But I bring you news!

     So a few months ago Necromancy Cosmetica from Puerto Rico sent me six wicked matte lipsticks for me to try on and create new looks to feature in my shootings!
     I decided to gather three different looks I created with three of those colors in this post. The cutie Des sent me six shades of matte lipsticks: "Witches Brew" a super bright purple, "Segunda Plaga" a deep earthly green tone - which, by the way, I feel like it's becoming their great hit on social media, or at least that's my opinion, "Necromatia" a deep vivid blue, "Martyr's Blood" a deep dark burgundy (I keep saying the word "deep" but there's no other way of saying it got damn it), "Naked Witch" a soft grey, and "Deadly Nightshade" a creamy baby blue.
     In the first picture (from left to right) I'm wearing "Naked Witch". If you're looking for a simple look with an edgy touch, that's your color! Even though it's a light color, it's super easy and simple to apply, as you don't need to paint your lips over and over again to get the actual color! I actually only needed to spread it two times, and it's also really easy to contour the lips without a pencil!
     In the second picture I'm wearing "Martyr's Blood". First of all, genius name for it! Now this is the perfect color to wear daily if you're into wearing heavy make up everyday like I sometimes do! At first glance it almost seems like the deep blood-ish kind of color has some dark purple undertones, which is fu-cking awesome. If you're looking into intimidating people on the street with the perfect lipstick, that's your color! And the awesome part? It kinda actually looks like you've dipped your lips in blood! Let's admit it ladies, you know it makes you feel powerful as hell when you're wearing a shade like that - and we all fucking love it! And just like "Naked Witch" you don't need to apply it many times to get that dark color, but because it's a dark lipstick you should play safe and wear a pencil of the same tone to do the contouring! Not that the lipstick is hard to apply (because it's not), we just want to make it look as perfect as possible!
     In the second picture I'm wearing "Segunda Plaga". Now this is a peculiar shade I thought I'd never wear! But you know what? I love it! Just like "Necromantia" these appealing colors actually give you that extra edginess your look was asking for! Both of them are dark shades, so it actually fits really well if you have a dark style like myself, and it also ends up completing your entire look if you have a fierce and edgy personality!
     So, overall, they're all really strong and impactful shades! All of the colors are super vivid, and really easy to put a remove! They can last for hours - taking the necessary cautions all of us ladies are aware of - UNLESS you decide to smudge your boyfriend/girlfriend with kisses, then, dude, share your lipstick with their fucking face!!
     If you like my looks, I'll be making video tutorials soon! I've been getting way too many requests, it's time for me to make them! Also, like my septum rings? They're gorgeous right?! You can find them at patapatajewelry.com!
     For more updates you can follow me on instagram! You can also check some of my other social media links on the side bar!

     Hope you liked it!
     Rock on,