sábado, 22 de agosto de 2015


     Hi guys!
     Here's my latest look. This outfit is obviously all about Black Hope Curse. These are two of the pieces they kindly sent me, the Mystic Boxy crop tee, and the Devil Child leggins (you can obviously tell where the name of the look comes from)!
     First of all, what I really like about them is that the cotton the most soft and light thing! It's super comfortable! And secondly, the crop top is not super short, it's just the exact length I like! Both of the pieces look great with practically anything, and the designs are very grungy, specially the leggins! And another thing I like about them is that the prints have great quality and they're not super white, but they're a midtone grey! How awesome is that? They're really one of a kind clothing pieces, you won't find anything like them that easily!
     So overall, I fucking love them!! Hype them on my lookbook page! And also don't forget to check all other links on the side bar!

     Rock on,
     B xx

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