quarta-feira, 27 de junho de 2012


The style you wear tells a lot about who you are . It should be something you identify yourself with , and something you feel as true as wearing your own personality . 

Here's a piece of my closet . Since a little girl I've been introduced to great bands such as Led Zeppelin , Pink Floyd or The Doors , and since then I've been growing with rock , punk and metal background songs . 
There's nothing wrong with grabbing some of your old clothes and giving them a new look , so from time to time , instead of buying new things , I get my old stuff back and change it . 

I've been bleaching a pair of old denim pants I have , giving them a new grunge and trashy style . 
From time to time , once I get the money , I buy S sized male metal tshirts and cut their sleeves off , making them look more "metal styled" and sloppy . I wear them either with skinny or baggy ripped jeans , black , denim or bleached , and sometimes with with black ripped glass tights and shorts .
I alway wear these pair of clothes with either army boots , black all stars , or classic squared vans .
With all of these I either wear a black leathered jacket , or denim jacket , with a black or gray cotton coat underneath .

What tells a lot about who I am is my hair .
I don't every wear make up , but every month I dye my 75cm straight hair with a different color from leaving it bleached to every color in the rainbow .

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