sábado, 1 de setembro de 2012


    This is one of the styles I feel most comfortable with. Some call it grunge some call trashy - how fun would it be if someone would start calling it grashy, or trunge? Nevermind me and my late-night-nonsense...
    This is a simple cheap outfit, and yet really outstanding.
    It's composed my nothing more than a simple autentic german army coat, a large Slayer t-shirt, some bleached cutted denim shorts, dark/black glass tights and my old black Dr Martens army boots.

    Music has always been a big part of my life since I was born, and I've always been a metal lover with a closet full of official merchandise of all kinds, so any band t-shirt I'd wear would show how much I love that kind of music. It kinda feels like I wear the music I listen to.
    The army coat was originaly owned by a german soldier. I found this coat at the flea market, real cheap. What feels more comfortable about it is that I end wearing a something with a story behind it. It is a kind of strict piece of outerwear, so I turned the sleeves out in order to make it look more loose or sloppy.
    The ripped denim short gives a rest to all that heavy kind of stuff, and it's what gives the outfit a bit of that trashy look. That also happens with the kinda-ripped-on-the-side black glass tights.
    To end in style, what else but those Dr Martens army boots? They fit perfectly with the army coat, and the Slayer army skull t-shirt, and go perfectly with those dark shadows from the tights.

    I love this outfit cause I feel comfortable with it and I end up expressing how I am at the same time.
    What else do I fucking need?

Beatriz Mariano © 2012

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