domingo, 3 de novembro de 2013


    Okay, yeah, I skipped two looks but I'm feeling kinda lazy to post shit.

    Here's my latest look!
    Black leather jacket, Master Of Puppet Metallica shirt, black skinny jeans, and Steel 6 eye burgundy boots.
    It is more than obvious that the burgundy leather from the boots are matching the red tone from the Metallica's shirt. As always, to follow the outfit, I always wear the same silver spiked accessories.
    I love this outfit, and I fucking LOVE Metallica, even though I'm not the most colorful person, the dark red burgundy is the perfect kind of tone for someone like me, it's dark and you can't almost tell if it's black or red, and it has the classic agressive shape of Steel!
    Fucking love this!

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