sábado, 3 de outubro de 2015


     Hey everyone!
     So a few weeks ago, this brand NewDress.com, contacted me to work on a little collab.

     They sent me three cute items:
- a pair of black skinny ripped jeans
- a black maxi dress with a side crack
- a pack of 18 make up brushes with a leather case

     The package got in real quick. I was a bit septic at first, but they turned out to be quite good pieces!
     The jeans are not super skinny, but they fit in really well! And the cuts actually have a nice finish so they won't keep on ripping (please don't mind the feet in the picture)!
     The dress is actually really nice and soft, and what I love about it is that the cut is not too high, so it has a proper cut for someone who doesn't like to show off too much flesh like me (I'll post the pictures later)!
     The brushes pack actually set me in for a treat! I really like their quality! The little hairs don't fall, and they don't stick in bits, and they're also really freaking easy to wash out!
     I'll definitely be featuring them on some lookbook posts!

Rock on,
B xx

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