segunda-feira, 1 de outubro de 2012


    This is one of the outfits I like the most for certain.
    The green army pattern from the skinny jeans is the key (or the "heart") of this outfit. With this piece you can make thousands of different styles, giving it new looks and without getting tired of it. The camouflage pattern is what calls my attention the most. Like all of the trends, they come and go, and this severe trend from the late 60's/70's is now back and stylish to the XXI century with elegant golden nails.
    The good thing about these pants is that almost anything can fit perfectly with it, so I picked my L sized Jack Daniel's tshirt, with a black top underneath. 
    To gather this outfit I picked my black Creepers and also my ripped vintage denim vest.
    And as always, to follow the clothes, the same black leathered silver spikes, and the long straight green edged hair.

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