domingo, 14 de outubro de 2012


    For quite a long time I've been wondering how I'd love to have my studio, and finally, the opportunity came along.
    I've been discussing with my mom how should I do it, and where, so we reached a conclusion. I could close a room in my own house, paint the walls, and make it my own! So finally, a few years later, my little white cocoon is coming to live!
    My biggest passion (in photography) is picturing portraits. There's somthing about each person essence that drags me into looking at them through a little pinhole and capturing it as it is, or as I can see it through my own eyes.
    I guess I'm mostly happy for seeing a dream coming true, but none of this would have happened if it weren't for all of the support I've been getting from my Family, Friends and Fans! So, I guess I can't thank you all enough for this. It's just an overwhelming feeling so see all of this coming to live! And also, a big thank you to all of my haters for never believing in me and yet for making my name being heard so loud, here's a big round of applause for you sad people!
    To all of you: thank you!

4 comentários:

  1. You deserve it my dear! For all your effort and for never stop believing in yourself and in your abilities.
    Marta Uva

    1. it's because of people like you that my dreams are becoming reality ! thank you for the support Martinha :)