sexta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2012


    Yesterday's meeting resulted in a colorful photo shoot.
    Me and Marie Von-d Bacelar gathered with the model Carolina Batista to put up a grunge photo session.
    Dark smoky eyes, ripped dark glass tights, and pink tone hair, were the main details that gave these photos such characteristic look.
    First of all, Carolina had to lay on the floor so me and Marie could dye her hair in different shades of pink, first a light one, and then a darker one. After getting her hair dyed out, the next step was the make up. A small smoky shade on the edge of eye over a lighter shade of gray, and followed by black eyeliner with black lipstick made the entire outfit more outstanding. The clothing was (obviously) what gave this session a theme, ripped top a dark glass tights, with my ol' black Doc Martens, and nothing else.
    More than 200 pictures from me and Marie were accomplished and so the photo shoot was beautifully made.

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