domingo, 4 de novembro de 2012


    This weekend I went to the Tattoo&Rock Festival Nº8 2012, a huge convention of the most prestigious and famous tattooers in Portugal.
    This festival was held in, what's in my opinion, the most perfect place this convention could have ever been held in: LX Factory! The old rotten walls couldn't have given it a more classic and characteristic ambience. The typical dark and mystic environment of this religion was perfectly described and embraced by this magical place and by all the people, either fans, tattooers, organization or curious minds. One of the most interesting things is that, even though this was an enviroment of a certain typical style, you could see all kinds of people walking around, from Pin Ups to Punks, from kids to old youngsters, everyone was enjoying it.
    From male to female tattoers, I've never seen such wonderful pieces of work gathered together in one single room! I now understand how amazing it must be to share such beautiful art into someone's life. 
    This festival was well organized. We could count on lots of national and international professional tattoers, such as their supliers and merchandise.
    There were also several contests to entertain the audience such as the Miss Pin Up Contest,
the Best Tattoo Contest: Best Back Piece, Best of Day, Best Colour, Best Black&Grey, Best New & Best Old School, Best of Show.
    We could also count on several musical artists such as: Swinging, Tripping & Rocking - Paulo Furtado (Legendary Tiger Man, Wraygun, ex. Tédio Boys), Nevermind the Trollocks, Here’s João Ribas (Tara Perdida, Kamones, ex. Censurados), e Welcome to The Tattoo & Rock Festival com António Freitas (Antena 3 Rock).
    To conclude, it's with great pleasure that I say that this was a wonderful evening I spent surrounded by all kinds of Art in Ink!

lto Astral- Quinta do Conde
Art R
Bloodline-Algés/Tyttoo Tattau
B-Zarre Cascais
Crazy Body-Setubal
Domus -Setubal
El Diablo-Lisboa /Tnt-Aveiro
Gury- Amora/Led Coult-Viseu
Impact Custom- Almada
Look Art-Braga
Maniaks Krew
Proprius Tattoos
Pedrada Tattoos-Costa Caparica
Queen of Hearts -Lisboa /Barreiro
Tattoo Mania-Sacavém
Triparte Tattoos-Lisboa 
Tyler`s Tattoo- Parede
Tribal Tattoo- St. Iria
Just Tattoos-Leiria
Freak Shop- Faro
Heart of Buda Tattoos -Lisboa
Illusion Club - Lisboa
Clockwork (Lisboa) / Still Life (Lisboa)
Lucky 13 - Faro e Albufeira

Adicted- Barcelona-Spain
Alexis Camburn- England
Hell to Pay-England
Iron&Ink- Dannmark
Turpentine Tattoos- London -England
Kava Body Art- Switzerland
Black Steel-Spain
Nels Tattoo - France
Taboo Tattoo - Andorra

Black Steel - Espanha
Pedrada Tattoo Suplies-Costa da Caparica
Piranha TattooSuplies-Viseu
Triparte Tattoo Suplies-Lisboa
Kava Tattoo Suplies-Switzerland

La Cerise Shop
Blue Bullet
Triparte Piercing

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