segunda-feira, 29 de junho de 2015


Hi guys!

     It's with great pleasure that I'm proud to announce that I'm officially graduated (*yeahhh, throws parade*)!
     No. But seriously. This has been nothing but an incessant roller-coaster of an emotionally revealing life lesson full of doubts and insecurities that now only seem pile up instead of relieving all of this pressure with answers. 
     We spend our three years from high school constantly getting the "you're gonna have to know what do you want to do for the rest of your life, and be the best at it" kind of speech, go through all of those nerve-wracking finals, and then when it's all over, you're still just a clumsy kid tumbling into and adult's world!
     When we finally get into the so-expected-university  and now speaking for myself  I had the constant feeling that I was still an insecure youngster who was not ready to face all of that alone. I was not ready to socialize in a group of strangers (as I'm tremendously shy), nor was I ready to sit and learn how to act like a professional.

     Well, overall I have to say that nothing ended up to be what I expected!

     Turns out all of those strangers are now great friends of mine, and I don't know what it would've been like without them! I didn't just met people who I consider great co-workers, I've met people with amazing and influential personalities who are probably some of the most important people that I've had the pleasure to walk along side with in my entire life. I've learnt from them, I laughed (so f*cking much) with them, I cried with them, and most importantly, I've grown with them!
     Also, turns out that my high school has prepared me too goddamn well for everything that I faced during these past three years!
     You know all of that bullcrap you used to say a few years back, like, "why do I need this? Why the f*ck do we have to learn this? This is useless, I'll never need this in rest of my life" hm, well (*high pitched voice*)....! Turns out that, you kinda do! Believe me, all of that "bullshit" you so used call is kinda important for you. And I realized that when, in certain classes in uni, I had to apply those things high school teachers implied to us so much, and my only thought was "phew, glad I've heard/done this before"! So, to all the youngsters out there reading this: when a teacher insists in teaching you something (and I'm not even talking about material from you class module), believe us graduation students when we tell you that, you WILL need it!

     Well now, by the end of my graduation, I can say... I am far from done! I've enjoyed so much learning all that I've learnt of what I like doing the most that I can't stop now!

     BUT, there's a huge question mark in the freaking way...!
     You know when you're in your, I don't know, 15/16 years of age, and you kinda say to yourself "yeah when I turn 20 I'll be having my driver's license already, I'll be graduated and have a job, and have my life settled and soon after that I'll be moving out and be a grown-up"?
     Err... Here's the thing 15 year old me:
     I am FAR from having my goddamn life settled! And, moving out...? If I could, I'd stay in my mummy's place until I'm old (you do realize she cooks the greatest meals right? She even puts up with your vegetarian diet! You wanna give up on that?)!

     So, again, dear 15 year old me, I did get my driver's license... I am 20 years old now... and I am graduated... Now what?

Rock on,
B xx

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