sábado, 6 de junho de 2015


     Hi people, long time no see!
     Again, so sorry about the my absence, but as I told you due to some health issues I couldn't keep up with everything.
     ANYWHO, I decided I needed a change. I sorta woke up one day and felt like something was missing. I thought "hm, I've been looking like this for quite too long", and for those who know me, you know I can't not change for too long! So I decided to try a new hair color for a few weeks. You know I've been dying my hair every single color since I was, like, what... 15? So I dyed my hair violet for the third time, but this time I did it on my entire hair.
I kind like it! Not sure if this is a color I'd like to maintain for a little longer, but I'm really feeling like this could be my color! I dyed it mostly because of Rogue + Wolf though, so I could shoot better with a different style!
     Meanwhile, I've been getting way too many questions about my ears! No they're not surgically modified (unfortunately), and nor are they prosthetic silicone, I just edit them on photoshop. I really hope to get them modified someday (whenever I find a good and decent surgeon in my country lol), I've been wanting this for years now!
     Send me your thoughts about the new color!

Rock on,
B xx

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