sábado, 2 de janeiro de 2016


Hi everyone!

Before I start writting anything, happy new year!! I hope you had a blast of a time!

So let's start the year the best way shall we?
A little bit more than a month ago, this super sweet full of style girl sent me a lovely message on lookbook, regarding an interview! And I immediately said yes, of course! She sent me a bunch of questions I was extremely pleased to answer! And, as my huge surprise, she released it on the January 1st!

Here's the link If you're interested in reading it:

This is my second interview of all time, the first one was for Central Magazine by Central Models, and as curious as this might sound, even though the questions were not exactly the same, I had the same nervous joyful feeling of having someone interested in sharing my personal experiences and stories! This is such a rewarding feeling! And, as you can assume, I was extremely pleased with the final result!

So go ahead and and take a look at her blog and all of her other previous interviews (send her some love as well, will ya?)!

And, if you've read it, leave me a comment with your opinion! I would love to read your thoughts about it!

Rock on,

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  1. I read your interview there, it is awesome! you have a very unique style and that is a beautiful thing!