terça-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2016


Hi everyone.

So as a project for a Master's discipline, I'm running a social experiment about emotions.

Here's what I did!
Gesichtsausdruck/Gefühl is a social experiment where all subjects are sitting on a chair, in the exact same position, under the exact same light, without being aware of the purpose of the session.
One picture is taken, after a few minutes in an uncomfortable silence.
The purpose is to capture the essencial emotion that every person is going through.
I asked these people (also known as friends) to sit on a chair and "wait until I'm done with regulating the camera settings". They sat down, intrigued with the whole thing. While I was "setting the camera ready" they were left there, and their emotions emerged almost immediately.
The picture captures the subjects all the way to the knee, and for a simple reason: your posture tells more about you than you can imagine. At first everyone sat straight. A few minutes later they let loose, and started unconsciously sitting in the way they actually felt like sitting.
Even though they're all facing the same way, in the same position, under the same light, and were given the exact same instructions, all results are surprisingly different.
Same expression. Different emotion.

You can find the final result here:

Send me your thoughts about it!

Rock on,

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