segunda-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2013


    So guys, this was my latest photo shoot, starring me and my baby bald rat.
    I called him Dave Mustaine, cause honestly, the first thing that came to my had was Megatdeth's lead singer, Dave, only cause he looks so much like a damn rat.
    Oh well, as weird as this may seem, the rat looked perfect in every single shot. You know when they say "the pet is just like the owner"? The truth is, I had to feel a connection with the animal before I took it home (which btw was a gift from an amazing friend), once I held him I knew he was not just a rat, and the thing is, I can carry him everywhere I feel that he's safe with me, and I feel like I don't need to be alarmed. I mean, my actual pet that in fact is just like me is my dog, that's where you can actually apply that saying about the pet and the owner, but what I mean is I can feel confortable with the rat walking all over without being scared of losing him or something.
    The thing is, the pictures turned out real great, and I got lucky for not having Dave shitting on my head (how hilarious would it be to say "Dave Mustaine took a shit on my head"?)
    Rock on!

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