terça-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2013


    Hey there guys, I just saw this and I just had to share this so badly!
    Marina Abramovic, born in November 30th in 1946, in Belgrado, Sérvia, is one hell of an artist who started her career back in the 70's. Being active for over 3 decades, Marina calls herself "the grandmother of performing arts". Abramovic's work explores the relationship between the artist and the audience, the limits of the human body and the mind capabilities.
    "In the 70's, Marina Abramovic lived an intense love story with Ulay. For five years they lived in a van making performences. When they felt the relationship wasn't worth anymore, they decided to walk all along China's big wall to have once last hug and to never see each other again. 23 years later, NY's MoMA dedicated retrospective to her work, where Marina would share one minute of silence with every stranger that would sit in front of her. Ulay got there without her knowing, and this is how it went." Maeve Jinkings.
    Well, Jinkings said everything. So we might as well shut up and let the images speak for us.
    It was a real intense moment in my opinion, and the proof that sometimes a simple eye contact with someone we have a past with is worth more than a thousand conversations at once. May my tears speak for this moment. Love itself ladies and gentleman.

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